Womens sandals Frosso

Womens sandals Frosso

 27.00 incl. VAT

The classic flip-flop. One piece of leather, V-shaped.

SKU: WS-Frosso

Made with thick and strong cow-leather. We use only Greek products to
make our leather goods. Our leather is from Crete and is ethically sourced. All models come in natural or coloured cow-leather. The natural has a blond colour when new. When exposed to sun or any other artificial light, it will slowly change into a warm, light brown colour. The coloured cow-leather that we use has undergone a special treatment which ensures that it does not lose its brightness or colour! We use recycled rubber for soles. These are 8 or 9 mm thick.


Antique green, Black, Blue, Brown, Fire Red, Fuchsia, Gold, Lilac, Natural, Oily Brown, Orange, Petrol blue, Purple, Rose Gold, Silver, Turquoise, White, Wine red, Yellow


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