Our products are HANDMADE with genuine GREEK LEATHER

Greek Leather

As with all our materials, we only work with Greek suppliers and ensure that we source locally everything we need to create our products. We carefully choose our leather from our trusted Greek leather producers which predominantly come from the island of Crete. Choosing good quality leather is key, therefore we inspect extensively every piece of leather that comes through to our workshop every year.

Our leather e-workshop!

Greece has a long tradition in crafting leather. When you think of sandals, you can’t help thinking of Greece. Savvas Sandals is a small family run business, which goes back to the early 1950s! We have a small workshop, in the new town of the beautiful island of Rhodes, where we carefully handcraft our leather goods. Passionate about tradition, we make sure our products are created using skills and tools (wooden shoe shapes, tools etc.) passed from previous generations. Feel free to have a peak here to find out how we make our sandals.


Over the years, customers from all over the world have been enjoying our products and always drop by us again when they return to Rhodes. In our work, this is our greatest award – happy customers who enjoy and appreciate handmade leather goods! By popular demand, and for those that can’t always return to Rhodes, we have created this e-workshop where all our products can be displayed and are available for purchase online.

You’ll find some good old-fashioned classic Greek sandals, modern creations and other products that you will certainly love as much as we do! They all come in a wide range of colours and of course can be made to order.

We also have our very own line of belts and bags. Made of the same strong cow leather.

Why Greek Leather?

We care about what we create, so we like to know where our leather is coming from. Our leather is Greek which we get from suppliers whom we have worked with for many years. Greek leather is renowned for its high quality and is being used worldwide. We are creatures of habit, therefore we will continue using the best “cuts” of leather Greece has to offer.


All our sandals are created by hand and from scratch. A craft and traditional techniques that Savvas learned from his father. If you want to see your sandals being made, please contact us when you place your order. We might be able to a video-clip of your sandals being made!